Positive Workplace and the Power of Employee Engagement

Positive Workplace and the Power of Employee Engagement

August 4, 2019 Uncategorized 0

We know today that positive business outcomes are strongly related to employee engagement. Every company wants its people to be enthusiastic, involved and committed to their work.

Thanks to Gallup organizational surveys, which report percentages of “engaged” workers in the US since 2000, we are seeing these numbers on the rise. The 2018 results, highest in Gallup’s history, were at 34% of actively engaged employees and 13% of actively disengaged workers, making the ratio of approximately two to one (or 2.6 to 1 to be exact).

That leaves us with 53% of workers who are neither happy nor miserable. They report to be satisfied but show up for work to do only the required minimum. They are not connected to their workplace and are likely to leave for the next best opportunity (Gallup, 2018).

Some of the trends that contributed to the increase in engagement were driven by better recognition and improvement in the quality of relationships. These results also attributed as much as 70% of team engagement to the quality of leadership (Gallup, 2018). READ MORE